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Team Members

Diverse group from around the world!


In my Research Group at NTNU, we are interested in discovering why some older adults show mood disorders to improve prevention and treatment for this age population. We aim to understand neurological, behavioral, and physiological risk and protective factors playing a role in developing mood disorders in ging. We use behavioral, neuroimaging, and physiological methods


Shuer Ye

PhD student 2022-

Shuer has an engineering background and graduated with a clinical neuroscience degree in his Master's degree. He joined the team in October 2021 and currently working on resilience and age-related brain changes among the elderly population. He is mainly interested in understanding the temporal dynamics of brain networks and their role in emotional processing. He is originally from China.

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Arjun Dave

PhD student 2023-

Arjun is a PhD student who joined the lab in April 2023 focusing on the role of locus coeruleus and social cognitive functions in aging. He has worked on cognitive functions and IQ in aged populations using a large-scale dataset during his Master's from Birmingham University. He is originally from India. 


Xiaoran Gao

PhD student 2023-

Xiaoran is a PhD student from China and is interested in emotional processes in healthy and clinical populations. She did her studies in China and after a short period in Spain joined the lab in March 2023.


Leona Rahel Bätz

PhD student 2024 -

Leona is a research assistant interested in aging and emotional processes. Particularly she is interested in investigating the integration and segregation of brain networks in late adulthood and their relations to social and emotional processes. She is originally from Germany and is currently involved in the Master of Neuroscience Program at NTNU.

Jae Hong Headshot.jpg

Jae SeungJae Hong

Master student 2023-2024

Jae is a first-year Master's student who is going to investigate the role of the Amygdala in emotion perception. He moved from the USA to do his Master's in Trondheim and has a psychology background and previously studies at Dartmouth. He has a Korean background and speaks multiple languages fluently including German and Norwegian. 

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Jasper Mostert

Master student 2023-2024

Jasper is a first-year Master's student who is going to investigate the predictive modelling of social processing from aging brain signals. He conducted his studies in Maastricht and is originally from Germany. He is very interested in machine learning methods and using these models for brain imaging.

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Xiaqing Lan

Research assistant 2023 - 

Lan has a Master's degree in clinical neuroscience and has extensive experience in image analyses and performing experiments in the scanner. She is working on how the activity of resting states could predict the task's activity, among many other analyses she does in the lab. 

Lab Alumni


Reza Ebrahimian

Erasmus Exchange Master student from Padova University, Italy

Now PhD student at Karolinska Institute (2022-2023)


Janina Klarmann

Erasmum Exchange Bachelor student from the University of Osnabruek, Germany (2022-2023)


Stian Framvik, Lab Technician (2022-2023)


Avneesh Jain

Master student 2021-2022 

Now a Research associate at Norhead


Karina Tømmerdal
Lab tecnician 2023
Now PhD student at NTNU

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