Team Members

Diverse group from around the world!

In my Research Group at NTNU, we are interested in discovering why some older adults show mood disorders to improve prevention and treatment for this age population. We aim to understand neurological, behavioral, and physiological risk and protective factors playing a role in developing mood disorders in ging. We use behavioral, neuroimaging, and physiological methods

Lindsay Conner

Postdoctoral Fellow

Lindsay completed her PhD in cognitive neuroscience of decision making in aging and will join the lab in Fall 2022. She will be involved in examining the role of ambiguity and uncertainty in emotional processes in aging using high-resolution structural and functional imaging. She is originally from the US.

Reza Bonyadi

Research Fellow

Reza has a PhD in Math and computer science and is an expert in machine learning. In his 20% position with the lab, he is advising how to use machine learning within the neuroimaging field and how to combine heterogeneous data to improve detection and prediction. He is Australian-Iranian.

Stian Framvik

Lab technician

Stian has a Master of Neuroscience and years of experience in cognitive neuroscience research and neuroimaging. He is the primary contact person for collecting neuroimaging data at the 7T for our ongoing projects. He is originally from Norway.

Sher Ye

PhD student

Shuer has an engineering background and graduated with a clinical neuroscience degree in his Master's degree. He joined the team in October 2021 and currently working on resilience and age-related brain changes among the elderly population. He is mainly interested in understanding the temporal dynamics of brain networks and their role in emotional processing. He is originally from China.

Jørgen Østmo-Sæter Olsnes

Research assistant 

Jørgen has cognitive neuroscience background and joined the team in November 2021 and primarily interested in understanding how daily life sampling and physiological responses contribute to understanding risk and protective factors for mood disorders in aging. He is originally from Bergen, Norway.

Leona Rahel Bätz

Master student

Leona is a Master's student interested in aging and emotional processes. Particularly she is interested to investigate the integration and segregation of brain networks in late adulthood and their relations to social and emotional processes. She is originally from Germany and is currently involved in the Master of Neuroscience Program at NTNU.

Avneesh Jain

Master Student

Avneesh is a Master's student in the group working on decision making and aging. He is interested to find out what happens when we have uncertainty in our decision making and if the mechanisms are affected by age. He is originally from India and moved to Norway for his Master's degree in Neuroscience.