Team Members

Diverse group from around the world!

In my Research Group at NTNU, we are interested in understanding how aging affects emotional and cognitive processes in the human brain. We are passionate about answering big and impactful questions using a variety of behavioral, neuroimaging, and physiological methods

Sher Ye

PhD student

Shuer has an engineering background and graduated with a clinical neuroscience degree in his Master's degree. He joined the team in October 2021 and currently working on resilience and age-related brain changes among the elderly population. He is originally from China.

Jørgen Østmo-Sæter Olsnes

Research Technician

Jørgen has cognitive neuroscience background and joined the team in November 2021 to help with various tasks involving testing and imaging the elderly population. He will start his Ph.D. in the group later in the year. He is originally from Bergen, Norway.

Leona Rahel Bätz

Master student

Leona is a Master's student interested in aging and emotional processes. Particularly she is interested to investigate social emotions in aging. She is originally from Germany and is currently in the first year of her Master's degree at NTNU.

Avneesh Jain

Master Student

Avneesh is a Master's student in the group working on decision making and aging. He is interested to find out what happens when we have uncertainty in our decision making and if the mechanisms are affected by age. He is originally from India and moved to Norway for his Master's degree in Neuroscience.