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Neuromodulatory system and emotion processing

In this project, we asked how other brain areas and networks, including the amygdala, receive information when exposed to salient or arousal stimuli. 

We are investigating the role of structural and functional properties of a small structure called Locus Coeruleus (LC) in processing salient information. This area has been shown to be important for various cognitive functions but its role in social-emotional processing has not been fully understood. 

This area is particularly important as is one of the early areas that accumulates pathology related to neurodegenerative diseases and has wide projections and communication to almost all brain areas in the brain. Understanding its role and its function will help to move one step further towards early detection of neurodegenerative disorders. 

Current projects:

>> The role of structural integrity of the LC in processing social-emotional cues

>> The role of functional integrity of the LC during perceiving ambiguity signals and during face processing 

>> How LC and its network contribute to the processing of emotional cues in the amygdala 

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