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I'm a neuroscientist, a mum, and the founder of NeuroAcer. I am originally from Iran. I moved abroad in 2010 and traveled and lived in different countries over the past decade. I am an associate professor at Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience in Norway.

My passion is to help people protect their brains. I've studied how the brain processes emotion and cognition over the last 10 years using imaging methods. I am excited to share what we've learned from studying the brain, so it can help you to protect yours.

As a first-time mum, the challenge of raising another human being got me inspired to share what I know, in terms of brain knowledge, and what I feel, as a mum, to help others going through a similar journey as me. 


Research & Discoveries

Current Areas of Study

Neural correlates of social and emotional processes in aging

Zebra Crossing

Neural correlates of logical reasoning and belief bias

Hour Glass

Neural correlates of social cognitive processes in Epilepsy

Outside Dinner

Exercise impact on cognition and brain

Running Athletic Women


References and Links to Papers

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Older M-F couple
Open Book

Social cognitive aging

In this line of work, we are exploring how age affects our perception of emotion and social cues. We are laveraging multimodal imaging and examining structural and functional systems underlie social and emotional processing as we get older. 

Belief bias and logical reasoning

In this line of work, we asked a question of how our assumptions impact our reasoning and whether that is affected by age. We have designed novel paradigm to investigate functional networks underlying belief bias as we get old. 

Memory and aging

In this line of work, we examine neural networks underlying memory system, whether short term or long term, in late adulthood.



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Logical reasoning and aging


A new paper on empathy and aging


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My lab moved to Trondheim!



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